Abstract Series Issue 2
The second round of collected data from the amateur cartographer of the cosmos. This issue, unlike the first, features opposites, then the parallel conjectures, outlined by the minute fragments between darkened points in space, which are also the contents of the unconscious. The process of succumbing to such alien, confusing terrain led to these, the contents of the collection, portraits of the unfathomable spectres of some mysterious and haunted otherworld (which are portraits of the inner world, thus an interexistence between space and the mind). What emerges is a slow processional toward a union between both the random and the pure emotion and gut of whatever space/mind matter, which creates a map toward the meaning which is the looming undercurrent found in anything. Collection of ten drawings. Individually stitched covers, stitched binding. 8.5″x11″, black and white. Numbered and signed edition of 20. Artist’s personally selected musical soundtrack. $15 ppd. Paypal link below. Email for other payment options.

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