After many months and several years, the third issue of Monolith Magazine is for sale.

Borders: The resonant pieces of landscapes unencumbered, untraced, lands of vanquished perusal. Mimesis of mindless objections, territories without purpose, lines to cross, fields inherited to mine, bastions of undetermined inglorious mayhem, manmade. A litany of purposes resulting in ego security. Transmissions of hopeless surrender to a subterfuge. The paradox of ordered chaos. Criticism before art. Debt before freedom. Ownership vacating society. Time before God. Equilibrium middling the extremes. The structured world that is created to destroy.

Writers: Sunny Montgomery, Ben Williams, Cara West, Marina Day, Havent Townsend, Emily Baker, Chuck Clenney, Kate Ladew, and Clark Theriot.

Poetry, essay and prose.

Dimensions 4.25″ x 5.5″

Brooklyn-based, Kentucky-born artist Jess Slade is responsible for the beautiful covers. Handcut paper screen-printed in her apartment. She took her inspiration from the old oak horse farm fences ubiquitous back home.

First 25 copies comes with free mystery CD in handmade paper sleeve.

Edited and produced by Kathleen Hensley.  July 2013.  At last.

Go to THIS secure Paypal link to purchase. $5 includes shipping and handling.



  1. Hey! I wanted to order some copies but I’m getting an error message on the PayPal page. Wondered if that was happening to anyone else…

  2. Hi Ursula – I created a new Paypal link this morning. Please let me know if it does or does not work for you. Thank you!

  3. I do know what I like most about the writing in Monolith Magazine’s Border issue: That the words are all uniquely the same but perfectly different. If words are thoughts, I mean. Monolith Magazine has the perspectives from a diverse group of writers that make a beautiful melody.
    It’s unbearable for me to choose a favorite page, so I WILL STOP, trying. And you’ve accomplished this in a relative small amount of time, Kathleen Hensley. A lifetime of stitching may have never accomplished the same amount of harmony evident here. Thank you for the home you have made for my words, Clark Theriot.

  4. As always, a tremendous gift has been given to the poetry and small-press community by a select group headed by the indomitable K. Hensley whose work I applaud this and every time.

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