Founder of Monolith Magazine explores her inner workings in subliminal, quixotic, as well as direct methods/paths. Read the sometimes connected dots – the quest for love, life, knowledge, new reality. Know thyself. Follow here:

“I am inspired to document my inward and outward trek, to reveal me to the world. I AM. I will be, always, without timeline, without failure, long after death, and before birth. What does this mean? And why now? What does such a thing smell like? What is the texture of this trek? What will I gain/lose from documentation? Where am I going? How is this important? The value of knowing thyself. My own Temple of Apollo is within, the energy I manifest and exude – physically changing the world. Know thyself – take a transcendent, realized existence into full throttle. Shake the unknown from the depths of your cloak, let it fall into the light. Examine, question, praise it. Find the joy in the most absurd, most painful – you are here. Know yourself.”


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